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Big Daddy Multitude Double Gatefold LP

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Big Daddy Multitude
Moon Ska / Daskhiki Clout Records | released 1993 (cd only)
Ska Is Dead Records | released on vinyl 2020

Mustard Plug's first official album, Big Daddy Multitude was released well before ska became a household word, but after Mustard Plug had spawned a large Midwest following. The songs were more ska and less punk than what the Plug would later do. Some tracks were released on compilations and quickly became "hits" in the still underground Ska scene.

This new, double vinyl release of Big Daddy Multitude documents the entire album plus 4 songs recorded 2 years later, before the release of “Evildoers Beware”, plus 4 more songs from their original cassette, Skapocalypse Now! The gatefold jacket features both original cover art plus rare photos that haven’t been seen in over 25 years.

Track Listing:

Skank By Numbers
Too Stoopid
Mr. Smiley
Ball Park Skank

Thigh High Nylons
Murder in Tulip City

I Made Love to a Martian
Brain on Ska
Average Guy
Grow Up

SIDE D (Bonus Material)
Beer Song (from the 1995 Beer Song 7”)
Pickpocket Man (from the 1995 Beer Song 7”)
Mendoza (original 1995 Mix)
Dressed Up (original 1995 Mix)
Sweet Potato (from the 1992 cassette release, “Skapocalypse Now!”)
We Want The Mustard (from the 1992 cassette release, “Skapocalypse Now!”)
To Be (from the 1992 cassette release, “Skapocalypse Now!”)
Kill The Governor (from the 1992 cassette release, “Skapocalypse Now!”)