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In Black And White LP

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Hopeless Records | released 2007
Green colored vinyl

Recorded at The Blasting Room, Fort Collins, CO
Engineered by Jason Livermore, Andrew Berlin, Bill Stevenson, and Johnny Schou
Produced by Bill Stevenson and Jason Livermore
Photography by Mitch Ranger
Design by Neapolitan and Co.

A bit more mature but keeping on track, In Black and White is probably the best Mustard Plug album. Back with the help of Bill Stevenson and the Blasting Room crew, this album features uber catchy melodies, locomotive rhythm and at times raw angst.

1. Who Benefits?
2. Over the Edge
3. Hit Me! Hit Me!
4. Time To Wake Up
5. Something New
6. You Can't Go Back
7. Life is Too Short
8. Copasetic
9. On and On
10. Tell Me
11. Puddle of Blood
12. Real Rat Bastard
13. What You Say