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Yellow #5 LP

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Hopeless Records | released 2002
White with purple and green splattered vinyl

Recorded at The Woodshed, Ferndale, MI
Engineered by Tim Pak
Produced by Mustard Plug and Tim Pak

In the early 00's, Mustard Plug had to remember why they started playing in the first place - for FUN. So they returned with even more gusto, cranking out 11 energetic anthems that eventually became Yellow #5.

This time they decided they were ready to produce themselves. They also took over the artwork, bio-writing and ad designing duties. Why did they do all these things? They LOVE what they do.

This is music that makes you smile.

1. Not Enough
2. Get It Goin' On
3. The Park
4. You Want It, We Got It
5. Already Gone
6. Safe
7. Just A Minute
8. No One But Myself
9. Your Secret
10. In Your Face
11. Sorry Now